Stefan Current Transformers

We have Current transformers of following specifications

Model No Busbar size Primary current rating
ST20 20X10 MM 60A TO 80A
ST40 40X10 MM 200A TO 600A
ST50 50X10 MM 400A TO 600A
ST60 60X10 MM 500A TO 1250A
ST80 80X10 MM 800A TO 1600A
ST100 100X10 MM 1250A TO 4000A
Model No Inner diameter
CBT-SC35 35 MM
CBT-SC70 70 MM
CBT-SC120 120 MM
CBT-SC150 150 MM
CBT-SC210 210 MM

Stefan CBCT 35MM
Stefan CBCT 70MM
Stefan CBCT 120MM
Stefan CBCT 150MM
Stefan CBCT 210MM
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